Administrative units

Usually, the territory of a country is divided into a number of areas that are administered by local government. Such areas are called administrative units. The systems of such administrative division are hierarchical with several levels of progressively smaller units. Municipalities, regions and provinces are examples of administrative units at different levels. However, often it is difficult to compare structures of administrative division between countries because they use language-specific names for levels of administrative division.

“Sorry, what do you call that?”

Let's see what names are used to refer to the corresponding administrative levels in the Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Finland.

Try it out: You can see the exact query used to retrieve the data by clicking the blue arrow button below this box. The query is running over the 4 national sparql endpoints of the project and retrieving the different names used for the varying administrative levels. You can view the returned data in different presentation formats by clicking on the options at the bottom of the query. The data can also be downloaded in CSV format.