Open European Location Services (OpenELS)

Created on Jun 8th, 2020

The Open European Location Services (Open ELS) project is developing pan-European data services using authoritative geospatial information and an associated business model

In doing so, it aims to improve the availability of geospatial information from the public authorities responsible for mapping, cadastre and land registries.

The Project is focused on facilitating access to, and encouraging the take up and use of this information, and is strongly user orientated with a comprehensive programme of activities for SMEs.

EuroGeographics, which represents Europe’s National Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registration Authorities, is coordinating the two-year initiative co-financed by the European Union’s Connecting Europe Facility. The international not-for-profit association is working with partners from member organisations in Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden and The Netherlands to deliver this core component for wider operational European Location Services.

Created 8 months ago

Administrative units

Usually, the territory of a country is divided into a number of areas that are administered by local government. Such areas are called administrative units. The systems of such administrative division are hierarchical with several levels of progressively smaller units. Municipalities, regions and provinces are examples of administrative units at different levels. However, often it is difficult to compare structures of administrative division between countries because they use language-specific names for levels of administrative division.